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We love these photos of Andrew and Theo having crazy socks. We know these guys are the best of friends, and asked a few questions to figure out exactly how close they are. 

J: How long have you two known each other?

A: 10 years

J: 1-10, how much do you guys love each other?

T: 10, which I now say to knowingly set Andrew up to respond with a 5. 

A: 5

J: Have either of you ever been jealous of a friend for getting too much time with the other?

T: ALWAYS. I never want to spend time with anyone other than Andrew at any given moment. 

A: Eh, I could care less. 

J: If you HAD to sleep with a guy, would you choose each other?

A: No, I would not choose Theo. 

T: It’s already happened. 

I participated in some of the fashions for my friends’ blog.

Whoa, I actually feel 26

It feels good to finally have an ‘insignificant’ birthday.

I haven’t thought about a girl like this in  very long time. What if things work out with her? Or don’t work out? Let me just tell you. Just let me tell you.. I don’t know how much more ready I could be for this. The confidence… Holy shit I can’t get over her.