Gay, Mormon, and heterosexually married with 3 biological children.




Gay Announcement of the Day: Josh Weed is a devout Mormon, happily married to a woman — and gay.

The Washington therapist came out in a post on his blog last week.

Personally I thought this was just another case of religion getting in the way of people being who they really are, but after reading the entire blog post, he seems pretty pleased with himself and content with his decisions. And despite my feelings on the church I really appreciate his words to other Christians/LDS who are gay and questioning. It’s the perspective I agree with the most, especially since religion isn’t going away anytime soon.

Interesting. Lots to think and talk about here. The more people like this come out of the woodworks (or closet), the more we’ll be able to learn.

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    This is so sweet.
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    I read the article. That’s really cool ;w;. Also, their answers to questions 4, 5 and 6 on the original article actually...
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    This is why sexuality, for the most part cannot and should not fit into tiny little ticky boxes. Everybody is different....
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    This is really fascinating and eye-opening. Apparently it is possible for someone to be gay, married to a woman, with...
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    #at first i wasn’t sure how to feel because i thought it was going to be something about ~curing~ being gay or something...
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